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despise disguise

The word despise looks strange written down, almost as if it were made up. 

Work is overflowing, but instead of making it underflowing, I’m writing a blog post. Posting on here, is perhaps, my most time consuming form of procrastination. I spend ages trying to come up with ideas of what to write about. 

Today, I’ve finishing thinking, and the blog idea has emerged. 

Relationships are like unread chapters of a book. You think you can guess what’s going to be in that chapter, but the author can just go ahead, and throw something in that’s so unexpected, you may even have reached the climax. Things are forever changing, and so are people, and to expect us not to is almost naive.

I have yet to decide where this blog post is going, but I shall continue nevertheless.

Changing friends, can mean that we have to change ourselves, and put on a disguise. And this disguise can in turn rip apart all we used to love about our old selves, and we can come to despise this disguise, in such a manner that, we no longer remember we are hating the disguise, but end are hating ourselves.

 Jane Doe. 

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2 thoughts on “despise disguise

  1. Just a Little Background Noise says:

    I think you may have been onto something with your opening slavo; of course all words areat some point neologisms; made up – but as a theme, things being made up – it’s directly related to ‘change’. One thing becomes another thing and before you know it, we’re having to make up a new way to describe it or look at it. What is a disguise but a new way to be veiwed? I don’t know – just a thought to explore perhaps?

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